How To Raise a Happy Child

Nature and nurture are in a never ending battle to claim the disposition of our children. While it’s true that the apple rarely tumbles too far from the tree, it is also true that there are a multitude of things we as parents can do to safeguard the childhoods of our children, limit their exposure to the more damaging elements the world will see fit to introduce in time, and do our best to raise a healthy and happy child.

We might not be able to help the variety of our branches, but we are the ones who control the… Continue reading

What Kids Should Learn

Kids in today’s school system are not being prepared well for tomorrow’s world.

As someone who went from the corporate world and then the government world to the ever-changing online world, I know how the world of yesterday is rapidly becoming irrelevant. I was trained in the newspaper industry, where we all believed we would be relevant forever — and I now believe will go the way of the horse and buggy.

Unfortunately, I was educated in a school system that believed the world in which it existed would remain essentially the same, with minor changes in fashion. We were… Continue reading

How To Be Patience With Your Kids

I did not know I had any issue with being impatience until my firstborn turned 2. He was so talkative and kept asking “why…why…”, after awhile, I was ready to call in expert on how to handle all the “why..?” questions that I simply did not have an answers for. I know I am not alone in feeling this way. I have since then improved but I need to meditate and work on my patience once in awhile.

Here’s a list of 10 great tips and methods I’m trying out and experimenting with to help me become a more patient… Continue reading

Make Family Time Fun

Is your family stuck in a rut? Are you bored? Do you find yourself wondering how you got so far off track?

You’re not alone!

All families go through times like these occasionally. I know I would love to be able to push a pause button and just sit, regroup and get back on track.

While that’s not literally an option, life doesn’t come with a pause button, there are ways we can get back in touch with our families. With a bit of effort it is possible to get in sync, connect and move forward in a deliberate and… Continue reading

Value of Stay At Home Parent For Kids

The following is excerpt from Leo Babauta’s earlier article, where he talks about having his wife decided to stay home with his six kids and how they are making it possible and how it affects them positively. I agree, I do not have 6 kids but I have 2 and it sure helps when I am home with them. That means, less money for us and other benefits sure outweighs, read more from Leo

The Value of a Parent Staying Home with Kids Why was it so important to us that Eva be able to stay home with the kids,… Continue reading

How To Be Relaxed Parent

I have 2 boys that are hyper active and makes me feel tired by the end of the day. They seem to have so much energy that mine does not compare as an adult. That makes me tense and un-relaxed. Being relaxed parent is so much better choice that I am working on myself.

If you’re a hyperparent, you might not even know it — we parents tend to be in denial about that sort of thing.

But if you are, you might want to learn to relax — for your kids’ sake, and for yours.

Hyperparents are spotted when… Continue reading

Top 10 Ways To Be Great Parent

Being parent is tiring but rewarding, being great parent however requires lot of effort. Sometimes, we can change our life style so parenting becomes effortless and we as an parents and ours kids gets to live in harmony and peace.

These are Very Important Rules that must never be broken by any Serious Parent … until, of course, you want to break them. The first rule of Rules of Effortless Parenting is that you should always break rules.

Rules of Effortless Parenting

There is really only one rule: Love Them. But you already knew that one, so let’s… Continue reading

How To Volunteer Right Way

Volunteering Tips

This past Christmas season, I wanted to get my kids into the real spirit of Christmas, so we looked for opportunities to volunteer or donate to good causes last month. We enjoyed it so much that we want to continue it year round. It’s a great feeling to do something good.

We’ve participated in the Angel Tree program, each of our children buying gifts for a child whose parents are in prison. That was a lot of fun. We also donated used toys in good condition that the kids don’t play with anymore to the Salvation Army thrift… Continue reading

What Is Attachment Parenting?

I never knew there was anything called attachment parenting when I got first time pregnant. I did not think much about raising before I gave birth. I baby sat as a teenager and played with other babies and kids, and it seemed simple enough as I was not the main care giver for the child. Everything changed when I gave birth to my first child! He changed me, to a better mom.

My first born was very intense, constantly nursing and wanted to be held always. While friend who have birth to a baby girl about 2 weeks earlier was… Continue reading

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming up and here is our still best rated gifts:

Sometimes getting right toy that kids will like that is educational and fun at the same time and parents will approve can be a challenge. Here we have written, an Ultimate, Thoughtful and Useful Gifts For Kids – Only Guide You Will Need, to find toys and gift for every age and taste that will be fun, educational and creative and most important, reasonably priced.

See: Ultimate, Thoughtful and Useful Gifts For Kids – Only Guide You Will Need

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